HPV In Women Pictures

Women’s Safety Tips for HPV

If you’re going to be sexually active knowing and accepting that, then there are some steps you can take to help heighten your safety levels.

* If you’re you a woman under the age of 26, even if you’ve already become sexually active, you can talk to your doctor about and consider getting the HPV Vaccine, which can offer protection from four common strains of HPV

* Practice safer sex, especially for oral, vaginal, and manual sex.  Practicing safer sex protects you greatly from all STDs, and STIs, and even in terms of HPV and herpes, using condoms and other latex barriers does decrease your risk substantially.

* Read up on skin-to-skin STDs and STIs to find out what noticeable symptoms might be when they are present, and have yourself and your partner be on the lookout for those symptoms, primarily:  warts, which are often small, whitish or pinkish, and raised with a cauliflower-like texture, and herpes zoster sores, which look a bit like red, raw blisters, or may crust over slightly at the top.  In addition, at the sign of any unusual itching, burning, or tingling of the genitals, check in with your doctor.  As well, don’t accept that lack of symptoms or partners for intercourse means you or your partner are not carrying any STDs or STIs – that is simply not intelligent.

HPV in Women