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hpv-picturesHPV is one of the most common STIs among young, sexually active people under 22.  At any one time, and estimated 20 million people in the United States have genital HPV infections that can be transmitted to others.  Every yea, about 6 million people acquire a genital HPV infection.  A recent U.S. Study among female college students found that an average of 14 percent became infected with genital HPV each year.  About 43 percent of the women in the study were infected with HPV during the three-year study period.  Typical prevalence of HPV for women under the age of 25 is between 28 and 46 percent of all women.

Most estimates suggest that one out of every three sexually active young adults may carry HPV, yet far fewer have visible, active warts they could recognize or self-diagnose (as little as only 1-2%), though they are infected and CAN and likely will still transmit HPV.  Some strains of HPV may cause cervical cancer and make a person with the infection more susceptible to other infectious diseases, like HIV.  It is not yet curable.  Some people may shed or suppress the virus, but there is no accurate way of knowing who has and who has not at this time.

Below are some interesting pictures of HPV.  Looking at these pictures may help you identify the symptoms and help you contain the spread of this disease.  Also, if you know what HPV looks like, you may be able to prevent yourself from contracting this affliction.

*HPV Pictures

*HPV Pictures in Men

*HPV Pictures in Women

Here is a picture of HPV Warts on the skin.


HPV can appear in normal, or pre-cancerous forms.



HPV is very dangerous if transmitted orally. Oral HPV can be painful and very detracting to your physical appearance.